The Mighty 8th Memorials in England
The Mighty 8thMemorials in England

Recommended WWII books

Ardennes 1944, Hitler's Last Gamble

Antony Beevor (Penguin)


Armageddon, The Battle for Germany 1944-45

Max Hastings (Pan)


Barbarossa, The Russian-German Conflict 1941-1945

Alan Clark (W&N)


Berlin, The Downfall 1945

Antony Beevor (Penguin)


Citizen Soldiers

Stephen E Ambrose (Simon & Schuster)


D-Day, The Battle for Normandy

Antony Beevor (Penguin)


Dunkirk, Fight to the Last Man

Hugh Sebag-Montefiore (Penguin)


My Opposition: the diary of a German against the Third Reich

Robert Scott Kellner (Editor) (Cambridge)


Nemesis, The Battle for Japan 1944-45

Max Hastings (William Collins)



Antony Beevor (Penguin)


For a comprehensive account of the rise of Nazism, look no further than the masterly trilogy by Richard J Evans (Penguin):

  • The Coming of the Third Reich
  • The Third Reich in Power
  • The Third Reich at War
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