The Mighty 8th Memorials in England
The Mighty 8thMemorials in England

We remember the service and sacrifice of the Mighty 8th

Starting in 1942, England became a giant 'aircraft carrier' for American bombers as part of the strategic military campaign to defeat Nazism. Flying from air fields in East Anglia, the 8th United States Army Air Force (USAAF) mounted hundreds of daylight missions. They suffered high losses in men and machines, but inflicted crippling losses on the enemy. Throughout, their determination was unrelenting, their contribution magnificent, their bravery unquestioned.


In memory of their service and sacrifice, there are innumerable memorials scattered across East Anglia, at the sites of their air fields, at the locations of their crashes, in churches and town centres. They stand as a tribute to the thousands of young men who did so much to help defeat the Nazis.


This website is devoted principally to the memorials in England to the men of the 8th Air Force.

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