The Mighty 8th Memorials in England
The Mighty 8thMemorials in England

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All our videos are on YouTube. You can see them using the links below or through our YouTube channel The Mighty Eighth: memorials in England

Videos - Bomb Groups and Airfields

There are individual videos, each about the memorials associated with a particular airfield. They are categorised by Bombardment Group, and also by airfield name and by the 'Station number' as designated by the 8th Air Force.

44th BG(H) who served at Shipdham, Sta 115

93rd BG(H) who served at Hardwick, Sta 104

96th BG(H) who served at Snetterton Heath, Sta 138

303rd BG(H) who served at Molesworth, Station 107

351st BG(H) who served at Polebrook, Sta 110

379th BG(H) who served at Kimbolton, St 117

388th BG(H) who served at Knettishall, Sta 136 Video 1


388th BG(H) who served at Knettishall, Sta 136 Video 2


389th BG(H) who served at Hethel, Sta 114

392nd BG(H) who served at Wendling, Sta 118

398th BG(H) who served at Nuthampstead, Sta 131

401st BG(H) who served at Deenethorpe, Sta 128

445th BG(H) who served at Tibenham, Sta 124


448th BG(H) who served at Seething, Sta 146

452nd BG(H) who served at Deopham Green, Sta 142

453rd BG(H) who serevd at Old Buckenham, Sta 144


457th BG(H) who served at Glatton, Sta 130


466th BG(H) who served at Attlebridge, Sta 120

467th BG(H) who served at Rackheath, Sta 145

492nd BG(H) and 491st BG(H) who served at

North Pickenham, Sta 143

Videos - Lost planes

There are also memorials to individual planes that crashed in England. Some were lost due to enemy action, but many were lost in crashes or due to equipment failure. Some of the memorials are included in the associated airfield videos.

Videos - Information

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