The Mighty 8th Memorials in England
The Mighty 8thMemorials in England

3rd Air Division

Aircraft: B-17 Flying Fortress

4th Combat Bombardment Wing


94th BG(H) at Bury St Edmunds, Sta 468

Bomb Squadrons: 331st, 332nd, 333rd, 410th


447th BG(H) at Rattlesden, Sta 126

Bomb Squadrons: 708th, 709th, 710th, 711th


486th BG(H) at Sudbury, Sta 174

Bomb Squadrons: 832nd, 833rd, 834th, 835th


487th BG(H) at Lavenham, Sta 137

Bomb Squadrons: 836th, 837th, 838th, 839th


13th Combat Bombardment Wing


95th BG(H) at Horham, Sta 119

Bomb Squadrons: 334th, 345th, 346th, 412th


100th BG(H) at Thorpe Abbotts, Sta 139

Bomb Squadrons: 349th, 350th, 351st, 418th


390th BG(H) at Framlingham, Sta 153

Bomb Squadrons: 568th, 569th, 570th, 571st


45th Combat Bombardment Wing


96th BG(H) at Snetterton Heath, Sta 138

Bomb Squadrons: 337th, 338th, 339th, 413th


388th BG(H) at Knettishall, Sta 136

Bomb Squadrons: 560th, 561st, 562nd, 563rd


452nd BG(H) at Deopham Green, Sta 142

Bomb Squadrons: 728th, 729th, 730th, 731st


93rd Combat Bombardment Wing


34th BG(H) at Mendlesham, Sta 156

Bomb Squadrons: 4th, 7th, 18th, 391st


385th BG(H) at Great Ashfield, Sta 155

Bomb Squadrons: 548th, 549th, 550th, 551st


490th BG(H) at Eye, Sta 134

Bomb Squadrons: 848th, 849th, 850th, 851st


493rd BG(H) at Debach, Sta 152

(Little Walden, Sta 165 - temporary, March 1945)

Bomb Squadrons: 860th, 861st, 862nd, 863rd

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